Claus Efland


Sinfonia Espansiva

Sinfonia Espansiva

In February 2016, Music Director Claus Efland and the Bardi Symphony Orchestra performed Carl Nielsen´s Symphony No 3 at the De Montford Hall in Leicester. This was the Leicester premiere of Nielsen´s Sinfonia Espansiva. Efland´s work with the Bardi continues to impress according to Neil Crutchley´s brilliant review: "Barbirolli and the Halle, Karajan and the Berlin Phil, Previn and the LSO, Rattle and the CBSO. These are a few of the great orchestral partnerships of the last fifty years in which conductor and players achieve outstanding results through dedication, inspiration and mutual respect. To these I would add "Efland and the Bardi", as what we heard in their searing account of Nielsens´s glorious Sinfonia Espensiva was every bit as compelling as anything I´ve heard in the De Montford Hall in almost fifty years of concert-going and proved what can be achieved when orchestra and conductor have the qualities listed above".



  • 22-04-2020

    Efland conducts Mozart
    "Mozart´s music can have an erotic undertone, and this was certainly the case in the performance given by the Aarhus Symphony Orchestra conducted by Claus Efland. Efland is a native of Funen, Denmark, he studied in London and now performs internationally. How enjoyable this Mozart proved to be! Performed with ...

  • 19-08-2019

    Efland conducts Nielsen Symphony No 5
    "Efland is simply a formidable conductor and interpreter of this music". (leicesterconcertgoerdiary.wordpress.com) "It helps to have a Danish conductor in charge - especially one a inspiring and comitted as Claus Efland. He knows every note of these symphonies and he knows exactly what he wahts from the music and the players". (Leicester ...

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