Claus Efland


Brilliantly conducted...

Brilliantly conducted...

In April and May 2015 the opera Other Buildings, composed by Andy Pape, was first performed in Denmark. Claus Efland led the Odense Symphony Orchestra in co-operation with Opera Funen (Fynske Opera). The production has been nominated the most prestigious Danish opera award, the Reumert Award. About Efland´s conducting, the Danish newspaper Politiken wrote "...the balance between soloists, chorus and orchestra is perfect". Furthermore the well-known Danish reviewer Gregers Dirckinck-Holmfeld, noted that the entire performance was "brilliantly conducted by Claus Efland".



  • 22-04-2020

    Efland conducts Mozart
    "Mozart´s music can have an erotic undertone, and this was certainly the case in the performance given by the Aarhus Symphony Orchestra conducted by Claus Efland. Efland is a native of Funen, Denmark, he studied in London and now performs internationally. How enjoyable this Mozart proved to be! Performed with ...

  • 19-08-2019

    Efland conducts Nielsen Symphony No 5
    "Efland is simply a formidable conductor and interpreter of this music". (leicesterconcertgoerdiary.wordpress.com) "It helps to have a Danish conductor in charge - especially one a inspiring and comitted as Claus Efland. He knows every note of these symphonies and he knows exactly what he wahts from the music and the players". (Leicester ...

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