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Concerts in Rome

In May Claus returns to Rome to conduct two performances of Mozart's Great C minor Mass KV 427. He will be working with the Orchestra, Chorus and Soloists of the Accademia d'Opera Italiana. Dates: Saturday, 14th of May, 8.30 pm, All Saints' Anglican Church Sunday, 15th of May, 6.30 pm, San Paolo Entro la ...


Music Director

Due to Claus' successful work with the Bardi Symphony Orchestra, the orchestra unanimously agreed to extend his contract with 3 more years. Claus will remain Music Director in Leicester until the end of the season 2020, and is looking forward to performing more great concerts in and around Leicester.


Peteris Vasks 70th Birthday

In April 2016 Peteris Vasks celebrates his 70th Birthday. On his latest CD release "Nordic Atmospheres", together with Sinfonietta Riga (Challenge Records), Claus Efland interpretates Peteris Vasks' beautifully written "Musica Dolorosa". Vasks attended all rehearsals and recording sessions. After the last session, the composer declared this recording of his "Musica ...

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New album

Nordic Atmospheres

After the first CD recording “Concertante”, Claus Efland and Sinfonietta Riga wanted to do something completely different, something everyone taking part can relate to personally. The new album shares very close ties between Scandinavia and the Baltic. It’s like a musical seismographic scan, a topography of Scandinavian and Baltic emotional landscapes. 



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  • 10-02-2016

    Sinfonia Espansiva
    "Barbirolli and the Halle, Karajan and the Berlin Phil, Previn and the LSO, Rattle and the CBSO. These are a few of the great orchestral partnerships of the last fifty years in which conductor and players achieve outstanding results through dedication, inspiration and mutual respect. To these I would add ...

  • 27-05-2015

    Walton Symphony no 1
    "...the layers of orchestral sound blending well, with the players responsive to the drive of Efland´s direction; the ensemble sounding rich and well balanced and the solo parts well performed and meaningful in their own right". (Leicester Mercury) Claus Efland conducting the Bardi Symphony Orchestra at the DeMontfort Hall in Leicester ...

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